1. Health Risk Assessment and Planning

Conduct comprehensive evaluations of potential health hazards, developing proactive strategies to mitigate risks.

2. Continuous Workplace Hazard Assessment

Implement ongoing surveillance and risk assessments to maintain workplace health and safety standards.

3. Health Impact Assessment

Analyze the potential health impacts associated with workplace conditions and operational practices.

4. Fitness for Task

Perform health evaluations to ensure workers are medically fit for their specific job roles.

5. Drug and Alcohol Misuse Management

Enforce substance abuse policies and provide support programs to maintain workforce integrity and safety.

6. Waste Management, Food, and Water Safety

Manage environmental health factors to prevent occupational diseases.

7. Occupational Health

Address health issues arising from occupational exposures and conditions.

8. Epidemiology and Pandemic Planning and Management

Prepare for and manage public health emergencies, ensuring operational continuity.

9. Health and Safety Consultancy and Training

Offer expert consultancy and comprehensive training programs to enhance workplace health and safety practices.

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