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Tokiye Integrated Medical Services (TIMS) UK

Tokiye Integrated Medical Services (TIMS) UK was established as a strategic extension of TIMS Nigeria, with the primary purpose of serving as a partnership vehicle that facilitates collaboration between healthcare companies in Europe and other Western countries with TIMS operations in Africa. Positioned in the UK, this entity leverages the advanced healthcare and technological landscape of Europe to bring high-value healthcare services and products to the African continent, thus enhancing the overall quality and efficacy of healthcare delivery in the regions TIMS serves.

Strategic Partnerships and Quality Enhancement

TIMS UK plays a crucial role in forging and nurturing partnerships with leading European healthcare providers and manufacturers. This initiative is designed to import not only products and services but also European standards of healthcare excellence into African operations. The objective is to elevate the quality of healthcare services provided by TIMS to a level comparable with developed nations, ensuring that patients in Africa receive care that is on par with global standards.

Sourcing and Procurement

A key operational focus for TIMS UK is the facilitation of seamless sourcing and procurement of high-quality healthcare products from across Europe. This function is vital for maintaining a supply chain that meets the rigorous demands of healthcare provision in terms of quality, reliability, and timeliness. By managing these aspects efficiently, TIMS UK significantly enhances the capabilities of TIMS operations in Africa, ensuring that the healthcare infrastructure is supported by the best international products and technologies available.

Creating a Value Conduit

Ultimately, TIMS UK and TIMS Nigeria are dedicated to creating a robust value conduit between Europe and Africa, aimed at synchronizing demand and supply in the healthcare sector. This synergy ensures that the specific needs of the African market are met with precision, utilizing the advanced capabilities and resources available through European partnerships. Through this strategic alignment, TIMS is set to continue its mission of transforming healthcare delivery in Africa, ensuring accessibility, quality, and sustainability.


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Office 8, International House,
Kensington London, UK, SW7 4EF.

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