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Customized Service Offerings

1. Individuals (Healthcare Professionals)

TIMS assists doctors and other healthcare professionals in establishing their practices by providing comprehensive support throughout the lifecycle of their healthcare facilities. This includes:

Feasibility Analysis: Conducting thorough market and financial feasibility studies to ensure viability.
Project Development: Guiding the design, planning, and construction of healthcare facilities.
Financing: Assisting with securing necessary funding and financial structuring.
Operations: Offering management and operational support to optimize service delivery.
TIMS enables healthcare professionals to establish efficient, patient-centered practices equipped with the latest technology and operational best practices.

2. Government or Parastatals

We partner with government bodies to enhance public health infrastructure by:

Value for Money: Ensuring that investments are made judiciously to yield the highest social and health impact.
Project Management: Overseeing the development and management of public healthcare projects.
Strategic Planning: Aligning healthcare projects with regional health needs and government policies.
– Value Proposition: TIMS ensures that public healthcare initiatives are both impactful and sustainable, maximizing social value and meeting community health needs effectively.

3. Specialized Industries (Oil and Gas/Construction)

Providing tailored healthcare solutions that support the unique needs of high-risk industries by:
Bespoke and Modular Solutions: Developing customized, scalable healthcare modules that can be integrated seamlessly into existing operations.
Support for Operations: Ensuring that healthcare services enhance worker safety and productivity, reducing downtime and protecting human resources.
TIMS delivers cost-effective, flexible healthcare solutions that maintain optimum man-hours and enhance operational safety.


4. Healthcare Investors and Partners

Advising investors and partners in the healthcare sector by:
Investment Opportunities: Identifying high-potential investment opportunities that promise maximum returns.
Market Share Growth: Strategizing entry and expansion in the healthcare market to capture and expand market share.
Enhancing Healthcare Offerings: Improving existing healthcare services to better meet end-user needs.
TIMS directs investment towards opportunities that not only yield excellent returns but also significantly improve healthcare quality and accessibility.

Healthcare Project Management

A. Advisory and Consultancy

1. Assessment and Feasibility: Conduct rigorous pre-investment analyses to evaluate clinical, operational, and financial viability of potential healthcare projects.
2. Ideation, Development, and Design: Facilitate the conceptualization and architectural design of healthcare facilities, ensuring compliance with medical regulations and standards.
3. Project Supervision and Consultancy: Provide oversight and expert guidance during the execution phase, ensuring adherence to clinical governance and project management principles.
4. Healthcare Facility Management: Administer comprehensive management services for healthcare institutions, focusing on optimizing operational efficiency and enhancing patient care delivery.

B. Project Management

1. Healthcare Construction: Oversee the construction of state-of-the-art healthcare facilities, ensuring projects are completed on time, within budget, and in accordance with international health construction standards.
2. Healthcare Equipping and Furnishing: Procure and install clinical and non-clinical equipment, creating environments that support optimal health service delivery.
3. Turnkey Project Management: Manage all aspects of healthcare projects from initiation to completion, delivering ready-to-operate facilities.
4. International Sourcing and Procurement: Secure high-quality healthcare products and technologies from global markets to enhance local healthcare practices.

C. Project Budgeting and Financing

1.  Develop detailed financial models and secure financing solutions tailored to healthcare projects, ensuring fiscal sustainability and ROI maximization.

D. Venture Development and Management

1. Project Strategy and Structure: Design and implement strategic frameworks for healthcare projects, aligning with broader health policy objectives and market needs.
2. Public Private Partnership: Facilitate collaborative ventures between government entities and private investors to expand healthcare infrastructure.
3. Corporate Social Responsibility and Community Health Interventions: Design and implement community-oriented health programs as part of CSR initiatives.
4. International Healthcare Partnership: Establish alliances with international healthcare entities to foster cross-border knowledge exchange and capacity building.

Workplace Healthcare Solutions

A. Onsite Clinics and Staffing

1. Offshore Clinic Management: Manage the operation of medical clinics on offshore platforms, providing round-the-clock medical services to ensure the health and safety of workers in remote environments.
2. Onshore Site Clinic Management: Operate clinics at construction and extraction sites, offering immediate medical care and routine health surveillance.
3. Medical Staffing (Tier 1-3): Supply medical personnel ranging from general practitioners to specialists and paramedics, tailored to the specific needs of each site.
4. Mobile Clinics (Terrestrial and Marine): Deploy mobile health units to provide flexible and immediate healthcare services, crucial for transient and remote workforce populations.
5. Topside Medical Support: Provide advanced medical care and emergency services for workers in elevated positions and challenging conditions.

B. Health Risk Assessment and Mitigation

1. Health Risk Assessment and Planning: Conduct comprehensive evaluations of potential health hazards, developing proactive strategies to mitigate risks.
2. Continuous Workplace Hazard Assessment: Implement ongoing surveillance and risk assessments to maintain workplace health and safety standards.
3. Health Impact Assessment: Analyze the potential health impacts associated with workplace conditions and operational practices.
4. Fitness for Task: Perform health evaluations to ensure workers are medically fit for their specific job roles.
5. Drug and Alcohol Misuse Management: Enforce substance abuse policies and provide support programs to maintain workforce integrity and safety.
6. Waste Management, Food, and Water Safety: Manage environmental health factors to prevent occupational diseases.
7. Occupational Health: Address health issues arising from occupational exposures and conditions.
8. Epidemiology and Pandemic Planning and Management: Prepare for and manage public health emergencies, ensuring operational continuity.
9. Health and Safety Consultancy and Training: Offer expert consultancy and comprehensive training programs to enhance workplace health and safety practices.

C. Onsite Medical Inventory Services

1. Pharmaceutical and Consumables Stocking: Manage inventory of essential medications and medical supplies, ensuring availability and compliance with health standards.
2. Medical and Safety Equipment Procurement: Acquire and maintain necessary medical and safety equipment, adhering to stringent health and safety regulations.

D. Medical Evacuation and Referral System

1. Medical Emergency Response Planning: Develop and implement emergency medical response strategies tailored to the specific risks of onshore and offshore environments.
2. Land, Air and Water Evacuation System: Establish robust evacuation protocols utilizing various transportation methods for rapid and safe medical response.
3. Referral Network Management: Manage a network of tertiary healthcare facilities for advanced medical care.
4. Drills, Review, and Revision: Conduct regular emergency response drills and review procedures to ensure peak readiness and efficacy.

This detailed exposition of services underscores TIMS’ commitment to delivering comprehensive, specialized healthcare solutions that cater specifically to the high-risk environments of the oil and gas and construction industries, thereby enhancing workforce health outcomes and operational safety.

Latest Projects

We’ve elevated service delivery and exceeded expectations across various sectors. These case studies highlight the tangible impact of partnering with TIMS.

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